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Legitimate Vendors for PPE

The state of Utah has developed a spreadsheet of vetted Utah vendors for PPE products. The spreadsheet is updated as additional vendors apply to be included on the list and are vetted by the state. The spreadsheet is available HERE. The state has also published an information sheet about PPE Resources for Small Businesses. Physicians can contact their county or regional health department to request urgently needed supplies.

The California Department of Food & Agriculture has also developed a PPE Supplier List which have gone through a thorough vetting to confirm legitimacy, but they still warn that the buyer has the obligation to do their own final vetting.

The American Health Care Association and the National Center for Assisted Living have also developed a vetted List of PPE suppliers, noting that current demand far exceeds supply, so if a supplier has no current product, you should ask when to check back with them.

You can also download the Excel Sheet of vendors below or download the pdf to check out the offerings from OMM International! 

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